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1  AVS Image Converter
2  Quick ePics
3  XnView 1.97.4
4  HyperSnap 6.81.01
5  Slideshow XL 10.5.2
6  Able Batch Converter
7  PhotoLab Calendar 2.4
8  GSA Photo Manager 1.1.6
9  FastPictureViewer Pro (32-Bit) 1.1.142
10  PhotoScape 3.4

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1  WhatsApp for PC 0.2.3699
2  RKill
3  Internet Explorer 9 Windows 7 x64 English
4  Internet Explorer 9 Vista x86 English
5  Flash Player Internet Explorer
6  Flash Player 10.3 Firefox,Opera,Safari
7  mIRC 7.19
8  Mozilla Firefox 24 English
9  Glary Utilities
10  WannaCry ransomware Recovery tool
New Software: Utilities
AVS Image Converter
AVS Image Converter allows you to convert images between JPEG, PDF, RAW, TIFF, GIF, PNG, RAS, PSD, PCX, CR2, DNG and APNG. With AVS Image Converter you can resize, rotate, apply effects and watermarks to your pictures.
FastStone Image Viewer 6.3
FastStone Image Viewer is a fast, stable and user-friendly browser, converter and editor. The application features a variety of features including image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal, sending e-mail, resizing, cropping and color adjustment.
FastStone Image Viewer is innovative and intuitive. The application has a full-screen mode that quickly accesses EXIF information, thumbnail browser, and key features through hidden toolbars that open when the mouse touches the four edges of the screen.
Total Image Converter
Total Image Converter is a very useful utility that can convert your images to other formats. It is also able to undertake a number of different editing techniques such as crop, resize, and rotation.
Total Image Converter allows you to convert large TIFFs into small JPEGs, create web-based photos, or retrieve old photos in unsupported formats.
Total CAD Converter
Total CAD Converter is a great application that can convert CAD files in PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, WMF, PNG, DXF, BMP, CGM, HPGL, SVG, PS and SWF formats.
Not only does the full CAD converter use the CAD format, but it also supports a number of source formats, including DXF, DWG, DWF, DWFX, PLT, HG, HGL, HPG, HPO, HPL, HPLG, HP1, HP2, HPGL2 , GL2, SPL, SVG, and CGM.
Screenphoto 2017.2.1
Screenphoto is a little useful application that works imperceptibly from the system tray. You can immediately take a snapshot of the screen when you press the Screen Screen key on the keyboard; There is no need to navigate to another area to take the picture. The main interface is accessible only after a screenshot is executed.
With Screenphoto, you can run a full desktop screen, an active window, or a user-defined area. The application allows you to capture an entire web page without having to scroll down and use multiple screens in each viewable area.

Utilities. All the software in this categorie
3D GeniuX 2.8
3DGeniuX is an innovative software where digital images and three-dimensional objects stand together in the simplest way. The work flow is not destructive, you can move and modify 3D objects and textures in space in any moment. Everything works with an intuitive and efficient brush tool.
4dots Software Image Resizer 1.0
In 4dots Software Image Resizer the images will be resized and saved in the same directory of the original images. Their file names are the same plus a suffix that is being added. You can select between three image sizes small, medium, and large. You select this by right-clicking with the mouse on the 4dots Software Image Resizer icon in the Windows notification area (on the lower right side of the screen). Also there you can open the Settings and change the desired dimensions for the images, their file name suffixes and the image file types they will be converted to. If you do not set a suffix for the file names of the resized images, will result to overwriting the original images.
5 Clicks 4.6.353
5 Clicks provides users with an incredibly simple way to make screenshots. Utilizing simple controls and fast results, you will never want to go back to the Print Screen button again.
The programīs interface demands users stop at the Help file, since all you are given is a five-way arrow icon with no instruction. Luckily, the five-step instructions are so simple that users will be making screen shots within minutes. The program embeds itself into your toolbar, but can be activated with a single click to its icon. When users see something onscreen they want to capture and click that icon, a five-way star appears onscreen.
533soft Box Shot maker 3.1
Box Shot Maker is a virtual 3D box design tool. It changes your pictures, logos, artworks into a 3D box and allows you design or draw the box face easily.The software comes with image editor with which you can easily add your own text and graphic to create the perfect 3D box for your product.
During the design phase, you can change camera position at any angle, rotate the image around any 3D axis, add special effects such as shadow, reflection, floor texture and more.
5DFly Photo Design 2.75
5DFly Photo Design is an intelligent photo editing software, which enables you to create photo books, calendars, greeting cards, baby announcements and other artworks from your digital photos. It offers a variety of template designs to get you started, and you can also create your own templates from scratch. The program offers a WYSIWYG photo editing interface with support for image layers and drag & drop positioning. If you want additional control over your pictures, you can also apply image adjustments, frames, drop shadows, color conversions and other effects. The result can be saved as high-resolution images for printing or exported as Flash slideshow or PowerPoint presentation.
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Selected download
IrfanView 4.27
This image viewer and editor is a longtime favorite among our staff, and with good reason. IrfanView is simple, fast, and free for individual use. Upon installation, the app attempts to install two Google programs, but you can opt out.
The program lets you open and edit images, as well as multiple media formats. You can cut and crop images, apply batch conversions, add, sharpen, or blur effects, create panoramas, and change color modes easily.
Last comments from our users
teo.m about AVS Image Converter (8/16/2017 6:38:59 PM)
  Recommended by a friend. He was right, itīs a nice app.
"Great software"
Gema about AVS Image Converter (8/16/2017 1:12:32 PM)
  Download AVS Image Converter
"I like it"
ramb01 about FastStone Image Viewer 6.3 (8/10/2017 7:56:17 AM)
  FastStone Image Viewer 6.3 itīs cool.
"5 stars"
s1lv1 about FastStone Image Viewer 6.3 (8/10/2017 5:05:25 AM)
  FastStone Image Viewer 6.3. Useful 100%
"Really Useful Software"
ramb01 about Total Image Converter (7/24/2017 11:32:11 PM)
  Total Image Converter itīs easy.

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