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1  ID3v2 Library
2  Shell MegaPack.Net 2010 Build 601519
3  Visifire for Silverlight 3 3.0.9
4  Crypto Obfuscator for .NET 2010 R2 Build 601517
5  CryptoLicensing For .Net 2010 Build 601512
6  CryptoLicensing For MFC 2010 Build 601512
7  CryptoLicensing For ActiveX 2010 Build 601512
8  Capture .NET Free v2 10.7.3785
9  Crypto Obfuscator for .NET 2010 R2 Build 601513
10  SmartFTP FTP Library 2.0.70

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1  WhatsApp for PC 0.2.3699
2  RKill
3  Internet Explorer 9 Windows 7 x64 English
4  Internet Explorer 9 Vista x86 English
5  Flash Player Internet Explorer
6  Flash Player 10.3 Firefox,Opera,Safari
7  mIRC 7.19
8  Mozilla Firefox 24 English
9  Glary Utilities
10  WannaCry ransomware Recovery tool
New Software: Libraries
MP4 Tag Library
MP4 Tag Library is a library competent for editing tags in .mp4, .m4a and .m4b files. It offers various features such as loading of MP4 tags, saving of MP4 tags, removing of MP4 tags, supports tags at start and end of file, supports binary frames and cover pictures, access directly all atoms as a TMemoryStream, updates stco atom when required, full unicode support, pure Delphi code, no external dependencies, and Delphi XE2 64bit and OSX compatible.
ID3v2 Library
ID3v2 Library is a audio file data tagging format in active use by software and hardware developers. ID3v2 Library is a component for use in Win32 software. It supports ID3v1 and ID3v2 Tagging formats. It features loading and saving of ID3v1, ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 Tags, iTunes compatible reading-writing for WAV and AIFF ID3v2 tags, pure Delphi code, no external dependencies, supports unsynchronisation, supports compression or decompression of frames, full Unicode support, and access directly all frames as a TMemoryStream (full control of the frame contents). It is compatible with Delphi XE2 64bit and Delphi XE2 OSX.
PHPBB 3.0.9
PHPBB is a high-powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable open-source bulletin board package. It has a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel, and helpful FAQ. Based on the powerful PHP server language and your choice of MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, or Access/ODBC database servers, PHPBB is the ideal, free community solution for all Web sites.
GetDiskSerial DLL 5.0
GetDiskSerial.DLL is a standard Windows DLL that does not depend on the "support" libraries. Serial number of hard disk is unique in the world. You can use this serial number to create an machine id or encrypt number.
The GetDiskSerial.DLL has already succeeded to get the Serial Number in Delphi, C++Builder, C#, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, PowerBuilder, Visual Foxpro and Clarion.
PDF Metamorphosis .Net 5.3
PDF Metamorphosis .Net is a robust server-based component to convert Text, RTF, XHTML and HTML to PDF with tables, images, fonts, colors and text formatting completely. The PDF Metamorphosis .Net is absolutely independent .Net assembly, it doesn´t require any additional components. Our component reads HTML and RTF documents directly converts it to PDF without Adobe Acrobat? or MS Office?. Functions: The PDF Metamorphosis .Net is just a class library. To deploy it you will need only two lines of code. By the instrumentality of PDF Metamorphosis .Net you will add these functions into your application: - Convert HTML url, file, string to PDF; - Convert Text and RTF file, string to PDF; - Split and merge PDF documents. Platform Independence

Libraries. All the software in this categorie
ANPOP POP3 Component Build
ANPOP enables your ASP, VB, VC++, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, VBS, Delphi or other COM environment application to retrieve email using the POP3/IMAP4 protocol. ANPOP is a full-featured component which supports POP3, IMAP4, IPv6, digital signature, secure authentication, S/MIME, SSL/TLS, asynchronous mode, Email queue, running in background, and many other advanced features. 2.5
FEATURES: Implement custom pre- and post-request crawl rules and actions without source recompilation. The existing crawl rules and actions architecture easily enables crawling enhancements such as federation, partitioning and distributed caching. Lucene.NET integration allows for full-text search through a familiar web interface. Easily integrate your search results into Solr or other Lucene index utilization solutions, whether they be in .NET, Java or any other language that supports Lucene. SQL Server 2005/2008 full-text indexing is configured at all appropriate content storage locations for files, images and web pages. Crawl, index and search Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel and Adobe PDF documents. The indexing architecture is easily understood and customization is simple.
ASP Ajax 2.31
AJAX is an expectation of modern websites. However many of the world best developers still code in Classic ASP - without the use of heavy web frameworks. ASP-ajax bridges the gap - providing .Net Ajax style functionality and ´Update Panels´ to VBScript ASP. ASP-ajax also allows you to easily call any ASP server function from JavaScript and return results without refreshing the page.
AutoFlowchart 3.1.3
AutoFlowchart is an excellent source code flowcharting tool to generate flowchart from source code. Its flowchart can expand and shrink, and you can pre-define the width, height, horizontal spacing and vertical spacing. Move and zoom are also very easy. It can export the flowchart as a Microsoft Word file or a bitmap file. It can help programmers understand, document and visualize source code.
AutoFlowchart supports C, C++, VC++ (Visual C++ .NET), Delphi (Object Pascal). Main features: auto generate flowchart from source code, export the flowchart as MS Word file, expand and shrink the flowchart, format the source code, pre-define the base size of the flowchart, block, zoom and move the flowchart freely, export the flowchart as a bitmap.
BusinessSkinForm 8.56
BusinessSkinForm VCL library will help you to create applications with skins support for forms, menus, hints, many standard and DB controls. This library includes Office 2010 skins, Ribbon UI control and Ribbon UI Application Menu. You can create your skins with special editor. Develop your business applications with BusinessSkinForm VCL.
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Selected download
CryptoLicensing For .Net 2010 Build 601512
CryptoLicensing for .Net is a 100% .Net solution to add licensing, copy-protection, activation and hardware-locking capabilities to your .Net, Windows Forms (WinForms) and WPF applications, components and controls and ASP.Net web sites. CryptoLicensing uses the latest military strength, state-of-the-art cryptographic technology to ensure that your software and intellectual property is protected. The new versions supports running the license server in Medium Trust, Mono support, network floating licenses, short 64-bit keys for short codes, and Anti-Debug functionality, new validation side API and new generator side API for improved automation.
Last comments from our users
"I like it"
leo about PHPBB 3.0.9 (7/15/2011 10:10:08 AM)
  A nice software. Download it!
"PHPBB 3.0.9 it´s great"
teo.m about PHPBB 3.0.9 (7/15/2011 4:13:16 AM)
  PHPBB 3.0.9 was nice, but was expecting something more.
"PDF Metamorphosis .Net 5.3, so cool"
r4z0 about PDF Metamorphosis .Net 5.3 (5/12/2011 8:38:02 PM)
  Just good.
"I like it"
p6nch about PDF Metamorphosis .Net 5.3 (5/12/2011 7:48:33 PM)
  PDF Metamorphosis .Net 5.3. Useful 100%
"this program is great"
carlos.j.t. about GetDiskSerial DLL 5.0 (5/12/2011 7:42:03 PM)
  I was thinking twice before download GetDiskSerial DLL 5.0. But now I think it´s great!

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